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Related post: Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 10:09:53 -0500
From: Lee Mariner
Subject: Mark 14MARK -- PART #14
______________________________________________________________________________WARNING: This is a gay fantasy depicting gay males involved in
homosexual acts. If you are not naturist preteen modelz of legal age to be reading this material or
you do not preteen cartoons tgp
approve, please leave. Thanks preteen ru nudist for your consideration.
______________________________________________________________________________Chapter #15Both Mark and Lee are swallowing each other as deeply as they can
feeling the cocks they are sucking swelling and about to explode nudists preteen and
deliver huge volumes of xxxpreteen nude video sweet, preteen portfolio free salty thick cream. Mark feels his juice
rising and Lee is almost over the edge when stories preteen gangbang suddenly he hears Mark
groan in deep muffled tones, "suck me Uncle Lee, erect boys preteen drain my nuts dry, I'm
cummmmmmmmmming,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god amighty."
Marks body tightens and he slams his groin hard with a final thrust as he
shoots stream after stream of his hot boy cum deep inside his uncle's
throat.As Lee feels Mark tighten and sexo free preteens
his cock starting to swell and huge thick
streams of his hot cream starting to flow down his throat in increasing
gushes, he moans and jams his cock deep inside Mark's throat as his cock
jerks with exploding, cascading volumes of his own life giving force.
Grabbing his nephew's head, he hold him close as he forces stream after
stream down his throat. Suddenly he hears Mark gag and he quickly
releases his grip so he can breath. Falling back shoking preteen porn he gasps, "Mark, Mark I
am sorry."As he is laying there with maxwell model preteen
his arm over his eyes, he feels Mark move and
then his lips on his. Mark's probing tongue preteen chat cams opens his lips and he feels a
warm sticky fluid flowing from his nephew's mouth into his and he
swallows. Mark slips his head alongside his Uncle and whispers "mix
yours with mine Uncle Lee and that makes us really lovers" as he slips
his tongue into Lee's ear lightly.Laying there completely relaxed, nephew and uncle they hear "Lee, Lee
John and I are going on to bed, we will leave the back door unlocked for
you. Mark isn't home yet but he should preteen lovely lingerie
be anytime unless he stays up at
Carl's. See you in morning, goodnight."With Mark laying on top of him, he hollers illegal sites preteen
"okay Sharon, I'll be in
shortly. Thanks and sleep well." He feels Mark starting a slow grinding
motion with his hips as he nonnude preteen gymnast grins down at him.Holding his Uncle down as he grinds his groin against his he says "See
why I like it here Uncle Lee, it is completely dark since dad has never
fixed the security light. I come out here and jerkoff completely naked. I
love feeling the cool preteen art pussy
breeze rushing over my body. Carl preteen youn list was with me a
couple of times but he was always nervous when we did it. loita preteens He likes
jerking off but gets a little nervous when he sees you looking at his big
cock. I think he wants it sucked but is afraid he will be called a faggot
someone does."Lifting himself up, he easily slips Mark off of him and down on the grass
on his back, his nudepreteen incest cock hard as rock again after Mark's grinding and telling
him about Carl. preteen sandra dasha
Taking his hand he rubs Mark's solid pecs and feels his
tits harden and jut out as his breath quickens at his uncle's touch. Slowly
Lee runs his hand over his nephews nudist beach preteens
solid muscled body and marvels at
the feel of soft girl preteens pics smooth preteen amature nudes velvety preteens hard pages
skin. Leaning down he runs his tongue up
the groove between Mark's six back and feels his preteens ru head being preteens nudes pages grasped and
a low moaning sigh "yesssssssssssss artistic preteens naked Uncle Lee, yessssssssssssssssss."Lee placed his hand behind Mark's head and lifted him slightly as he
kissed him, letting his tongue roam kids preteens nudes
from his mouth to his cheek and
nibble on his ear lobe after probing deep into the ear passage. He could
feel that Mark was giving himself japan preteen org
completely to anything he wanted. He
was going to make love to european preteen his beautiful nephew and let him feel how much
he loved him. He preteen young panties was going to devour his body completely and let him
feel his hardness being matched by his own. He wanted Mark to know
the complete love he felt for him as he slowly lifted his leg over Mark's
hips and lowered himself so their cocks were laying alongside each other.Lowering his body over Mark's he heard "Make love to cgi preteen model me Uncle Lee, I
love feeling your body covering mine. Love me please, I love you more
then my life. I belong to you forever, I always have." Lee felt Mark's
heart beating as his chest pressed against his.As Lee kissed Mark's body and washed it with his tongue, he felt his back
being massaged and his muscles being squeezed. He felt Mark pushing
his hips up against him, he felt a completeness with Mark that he knew
enveloped them both. He knew this boy was his in body and preteens stockings
spirit as he
slowly worked his way down his magnificent candid preteen board
body and lifting himself up
so that their cocks were resting one over preteen pictures xxx the other. His over 8" just
barely covered Mark's 7"+ and he could feel it throbbing with his. Their
silky ball sacs lay against each other and their preteen virgins porn balls moved gently inside
the sperm they were creating.Sliding his hand under Mark's cock, he wrapped his fingers around them
both and mixed their flowing pre-cum preteen poop xxx
over their blood engorged cock
heads and down the preteens pics nonudes length of their thick shafts. Mark moaned at the
touch and squeezed his uncle's biceps. Lee slowly massaged them both
with pre-cum and spit.Leaning forward as he knelt over Mark with their cocks pressing
together, he whispered "Mark baby I love you." He slowly started to
stroke both of their portal cp preteen cocks together and could feel his breath quicken and
his muscles tighten with each stroke and upward thrust of Mark's hips.
The passion and lust of them both was controlling their movements.As Lee was kissing Mark's face and closed eyes, he felt Mark sliding his
hand under his, wrapping his fingers around their cocks with him.
Looking at Mark, he saw his eyes trailers preteens looking at him and a smoldering fire lit
and glowing as he said "let's do it together Uncle Lee, lets mix our cum
together." He lifted and kissed his uncle gently as he increased the
tempo feeling his cock hardening x preteen model at the same time as Lee's and knowing
they would cum together.Lee felt the increase and his cock hardening and reaching down he took
both of their soft shrinking balls and squeezed them preteen in underwear tight as they moved
up into their groins. Mark was rubbing his hair and moaning as they
raced to reach their climax together.Suddenly wave after wave of a warmth and feelings of rapture washed
over them as their cocks exploded together in great volumes of gushing
creamy cum. Lee crushed his lips against Mark's and groaned as he felt
his life giving force cascading onto his nephews body mixing with his hot
creamy sperm. Mark pulled his uncles mouth tight white preteen
as he threw his legs
around his waist and squeezed him tightly against his groin and trapping
the cum that was preteen lil titties
gushing from their throbbing, pulsing cocks.Both uncle and nephew expended themselves on each other and fell
exhausted on the damp grass. Mark pink preteens takes his fingers and mixes he and
his uncles cum as it lays on his hard stomach and preteens titties chest. Raising his
fingers to his mouth he licks the fluid from them. Suddenly he feels a hot
soft tongue licking high breasted preteen
his belly and working its way up his chest and clip preteens free
his cock
starts to get hard again as Lee is cleaning his body. He reaches down
and feels that his uncle is hard again as well. He reaches to the base and
squeezing tight he milks it down as his uncle moans and licks his body.Reaching Mark's lips he inserts his tongue and slowly lets their mixed
cum slid into his mouth. Mark swallows and tastes its salty, sweet
mixture slide down his throat as he feels his uncle swallow at the same
time. Lee lifts his lips from Mark's and says "now we are mixed together
forever."Laying there for a moment, he feels Mark preteens 12yo models slowly galleries preteen sex
massaging his cock and
leaning over he says "Mark, preteen japanese galleries we better be going in before someone thinks
something we don't want them to think."Snuggling a little closer erika preteen model and still gently stroking his uncles cock, he
whispers "Uncle Lee, we could stay here and I could hold you tight.
Inside we have preteen erotic dreams preteen nude babes
to sleep in separate beds. I don't like that""Mark, there are things we don't like to do and you know it. We can't
have something happen that might cause us a lot of trouble. Let's go
inside, you first.""Okay Mark sighs" as he reaches for his shorts and shirt saying "see you
in bed" and slips off into the night, still not dressed.Lee dresses and walks to the back door and wonders how Mark was
getting in and out of the house. Opening the door and then locking it he
tiptoes into their bedroom and sees the light under the bathroom door as
he closes the door behind him.Walking over to the door he opens it and Mark is in the shower rinsing
down. He pulls the door open and asks Mark, "how did you get in
without coming in the backdoor?"I left the window open slightly Uncle Lee in nudes girl preteen case I was late getting back
from Carl's. Worked out pretty good, I didn't have to put my clothes back
on.Lee just shook his head and turned to walk back into the bedroom. He
was thinking there was more to Mark then he knew or his nudist nonnude modelpreteen parents knew.
Over his shoulder he heard "psst, psst Uncle Lee, you gonna take a
shower? I could help you if you are."Looking back briefly Lee says "leave the water running and I will jump in
after you are finished." He could almost see the look of disappointment
on Mark's face. He had to get some control over this horny stud nephew.Mark finished and walked out preteen photoart into the bedroom naked toweling himself
down. Lee was sitting on the edge of his bed and he watched for a
moment as Mark dried and waved his half hard cock preteens are sexy
back and forth in
the dim golden light of the bath. His whole body pubescent preteen pussy glowed golden and the
light hair on his thighs, forearms and his bush glinted and sparkled. He
moved slowly to where his uncle was sitting and stopped just in front of
him. Squatting in front of him he runs his hand up inside his thighs and
feels his hard cock straining lil preteen cock
against his shorts.Looking into Lee's eyes he breaths softly "see Uncle Lee you want me as
much as I want you. "Taking Mark by the shoulders, Lee whispers "Mark you are right, I want
you. I have never seen anyone like you and you make me very horny.
Outside in the grass, that was very sexy and I loved every minute of it.
Here inside with your parents and sister just inches away, that is
dangerous and you know it. When they are gone that is different. You
understand don't you, please tell me you do kiddo.""Yes Uncle Lee, I know it. I just love playing with you and getting your
cock hard and you all horny. That excites me.""Mark, be very careful how you use the charismatic power you have pre teen lls
others. You are not only beautiful, you are gorgeous and magnificent.
Some men if teased will do mean things and you could get hurt.""Uncle Lee, I know that. No one except you, Carl and dad have seen me
naked. I never show off in front of them. Although I think Carl would like
to when I see him getting pre teen masturbation hard looking at me.""Carl gets hard looking at you and you aren't teasing him schoolgirl sucking preteen
when he does
Mark?""Well, I may tease him just clara model preteen a little bd model preteen Uncle Lee, he is good looking you
know."Standing up Lee tells Mark to hit the sack and watches him slip between
the sheets naked. He picks up the towel he had dropped and stripping
down, he heads for the shower.As he stands with the water running over his body, his thoughts turn to
Carl and he wonders more and more about this good looking 19 yr old.
He had a beautiful body and a nice looking bulge but Mark never
mentioned how much meat he had. Lee felt his own cock hardening at
the thoughts he was having and he turns off the water stepping out of the
shower.Rubbing down as he walks into the bedroom, he turns to xxx preteen pictuers flip the light
switch and as he does hears "ummmmmmmmmmmm my goodness what
a sight." Lee flips the switch, Mark never misses a chance.Drying off, Lee slips into his bed and runs his hands over his smooth
muscular body, his rock hard cock laying on his stomach. Turning to see
if Mark is awake, he whispers "Mark, you awake? hottest sex preteen Would you like to slip
in with me for a little while?" He hears the sheets rustle and feels Mark
slide in alongside his hot body.Laying his preteen hot fuck head on Lee's chest, he hears his heart beating as fast as his
own. Mark slips his hand down and grasps his uncles rock hard cock.
Lee gasps at the touch as he feels Mark sliding down his stomach and
then engulfing his cock in his hot mouth. Lee turns and moans preteen model magazine
into his
pillow as he feels Mark swallow every inch pedo preteen nymphets
of his thick meat. Mark
squeezes his uncles balls as his throat massages his long thick cock and
its dripping head. He wraps his legs around Lee's hard muscled thigh
and slowly humps as his pre-cum dripping cock slides up and down.
Withdrawing to the tip of his cock, he starts a slow piston motion of
driving his uncles cock in and out of his mouth and throat. He feels his
uncle moaning into his pillow. Mark knows he controls his uncle and
wants to drain every drop of his cum once again. He wants to feel preteen naked pic him
shooting down his throat as his throat muscles massage its length. He
moans a little as he feels the friction of preteen panties thumbnails his humping starting to send
electric feelings through his balls preteens nude schoolgirls up into the fix preteen
base of his cock and
stomach. Matching his humping with his uncles driving hips and sucking
motion, he feels his cock hardening and at the same time a swelling in his
throat. He moans and groans as his cock starts to explode and he feels
Lee's cum starting to shoot down his throat he swallows photo preteen nue and swallows as
he feels his own cock throbbing and gushing his own cum all over his
uncles thigh and groin. Moaning he drives and holds Lee's cock tight in
his mouth as it drains the last of his juice. Taking his lips he slowly
withdraws sucking the last of the juice from its softening length. Mark
catches his uncles cock as it slips from his lips and he holds it gently in
his hand as he slips back up to Lee's lips and kisses him softly, he loves
the feel of his uncles soft, smooth cock and likes feeling it swelling up
its full length. But now he just wanted to hold it and feel his uncle
breathing softly alongside of him. preteen model guestbook He really loved him.Lee reaches over the side of the bed and picks up the towel from the floor.
Handing it to Mark so he nudist preteen pussy can clean himself and his thigh. Holding him
by his shoulders, he whispers "Mark, what are we going to do? I don' t
want to give you pre teen beastiality up, you make me feel alive before, during and after we
make love."Swinging his leg back over Lee's hips and thigh Mark lays halfway up on
his uncles chest. Leaning down he kisses him and looking into his eyes
he says "Uncle Lee, I know right now we cannot be together. I know one
day I am going to have to tell mom and christina preteen model
dad I am gay and I hope they are
as accepting of me as they have been of you. So right now, as long as you
are here I am yours in anyway preteen free porno you want. You have had all of me that I can
give and I want you as much as I can have until you leave. preteenshot free Is that
I had preteennude free sites
that little sex thing with Glen down in Somerset but hell that
means nothing to horny preteens tgp
me, it was just getting my rocks off. With you it is not
getting my rocks off, I love you and you make me feel it every time you
take me." Mark takes a deep breath.Lee starts to say something but Mark puts his finger over his lips and
continuing "Let me finish Uncle Lee, I have been cute preteens nn wanting to say this. You
are my uncle and I know you feel this might be wrong, well I don't feel
that slutty preteens
way and I can tell you why. You love me both as youtube preteen sex
your nephew and as
your lover just the way I feel about you. Yes, you are 12 years older then
me, but that has nothing to do with how I or cute preteens pussy we should feel. Uncle Lee, I
have loved you since the first time I sat on your lap. I knew there was
something different about me, when I could feel your cock pressing
against my young ass and you stroked my thigh. As I grew older, it
became more preteen girls posts obvious to me when I would get hard looking at other boys
and the girls did nothing for me. Oh, I played the game, had to do that
but the boys turned me on. You might not remember it but when I was
12 yrs old and pretty preteens models
was learning about myself, I was sitting in your lap and
you got a hardon as I pressed down on you and my cock was hard. I
jumped off and went into the bathroom to clean up the little cum I had
shot at feeling your hard cock. You remember that Uncle Lee? I knew
then I was going to have you someday. Oh, I didn't know about gay stuff
then but when I heard mom and dad talking about you being gay and me
getting older, I knew for sure what I wanted. So you see Uncle Lee I
loved you long before you got home this time. I had the advantage though,
I knew you were gay, you didn't know about me. Okay, that's it. I can't
change the way I feel about you." Mark sighs and lays his head back on
his uncles heaving chest and he presses his lips on his smooth flesh.Lee lays there petite preteen tender with Mark on his chest. He feels his hand on his soft cock
and his kiss on his chest, he is overwhelmed. Moving down a little and
laying Mark's head on the pillow next to his he nibbles his nose just a
little young preteen cocks and reaching over pulls his body tight pics nude preteen
against his as Mark lays his
arm over his waist, his fingers slipping back and forth just a little in a
light loving stroke. Looking at his nephew he feels something run
through his vodoo preteen list
body like a bolt of light, warming every nerve and muscle. He
loves this boy and every fiber in his tgp preteen list body said he did.Moving his face a little closer, he whispers "Mark I have told you that I
loved you the first preteen amateurpedofilia time I held you in my arms. Not as a lover but as the
son I could never have. Now that it has reached this stage, I love you
even more, nude preteen beauties
you have become my life. When nn preteenmodels
you were 12, I knew you had
felt me and I preteen schoolgirls japanese was ashamed that I would get excited over my own nephew.
That is one of the reasons I accepted the assignment in the Middle East.
I did not want to be around and possibly corrupt you. preteen nymphs
But, I believe horny preteens xxx
are born gay. It is not something we learn, it is bred inside of us. We
learn how to handle it and adjust our lives to it but we do not learn how to
make love to men and change because of it. We have a lot to talk about
but right now we better get some sleep." Mark's breathing tells Lee that
his tired little boy has slipped off to sleep.Kissing him on the forehead, he pulls the sheet up over them and slips off
as he thinks about the future of he and his nephew...
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